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Hi, we're Michael and Denise Ajimine. In 2009, we started a small web design business in Palau that we thought for sure would be a temporary way to pay our bills. We loved Palau and wanted to stay there for as long as we could. So we took a shared hobby of developing websites and built a small web design business. We didn't give much thought to our name, but "M&D Web Creations" sounded fancy enough to stand out on an island that didn't have any companies exclusively offering web design services. Plus, we had just got married so we loved the idea of putting our initials together. After operating for 6 years in Palau, "M&D" became synonymous with quality work and strong, reliable customer relationships.

Fast forward to 2017 and M&D Web Creations has become more than a shared hobby. We've designed websites for startups, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and almost everyone else in between. And we recently began offering our services in Guam. But what's great is that even as our customer base grew, we've kept our small company culture. As a small business ourselves, we know and understand the struggles felt by our small business customers. And that's why we've chosen to keep our focus on our core clients - small, medium, and startup businesses.

What We Do

Our Services

Small Business Websites

We've designed websites for startups, government agencies, and everyone in between. But we're keeping our focus on our core clients - small, medium, and startup businesses. We use fully responsive and customizable templates to create affordable and beautiful websites. Still not convinced that you need a website? Read more.

Hotel Link Solutions

We offer online marketing solutions for small to medium size accommodation providers. We offer customizable website templates and a powerful online system that gives hotels easy and full control of their online reservations and inventory of rooms. We also have an excellent Front Desk system! Don't know which solutions you need? Get your FREE Digital Health Check today.

Connectours for Tour Operators

Connectours is your new marketing and distribution partner. Whether you run multi day or day tours, transfers, activities, car hire, or other tourism service, we have a solution for you. Our aim is to get you selling across multiple sites (your own website, your mobile site, via your Facebook page) and via a range of distribution channels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes M&D Web Creations different from other web design companies on Guam?

Well, first things first: We're a local team actually based on Guam. We don't just add "Guam" to the end of our company name then have an off-island team working on your website. We personally visit with you, consult on your project, and finalize your website from Guam. Secondly, we're a small business making websites for other small businesses. That's all we do. We have the ability to take on projects of any size, but we want to continue working primarily with Guam's small businesses. And finally, we don't charge you thousands of dollars upfront. We offer an affordable "Small Business Website" package that gets you set up on a website and access to ongoing maintenance and unlimited updates.

What are "Small Business Websites"?

They're affordable, professionally designed websites for your small business. We build our sites using customizable templates and themes to create your professional website. But you don't have to worry that your site will be restricted to boring, cookie cutter websites. We only use professional, attractive, and customizable templates. And because we know how to style your web pages with behind-the-scenes coding language, we can change how your website will look and what you want to include. We also make sure that your website is responsive, which means that it will scale to whatever kind of device the user is viewing from, while maintaining the existing look and feel, and overall performance.

Do you offer ongoing website maintenance?

Yes, we do. Ongoing and unlimited updates are part of our "Small Business Website" package, so we'll make sure that your website stays fresh and is constantly updated with specials and promos, and new products. We'll help you maintain your website so you can focus on running your business.

Do you offer other services?

Right now, we're focusing mainly on websites for small businesses. We used to offer a whole range of services when we were living in Palau. We offered graphic design, print collateral design, and even branding and photography services. But we found that we wanted to focus on just building websites for our small business clients.

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